“We are a small central team in a very specialised field within the health sector. We have responsibilities across the north of England and work with three knowledge networks, over 300 staff and hundreds of separate organisations. It’s complicated! We have worked with Lisa over many years and find ourselves going back to her for a wide range of support in facilitating development – not just our home team development but across our networks. Lisa is great at listening to what we think our “problem” or “issue” is, helping us to understand it and then enables us to find ways of working together to think, to discuss and to resolve – and she does this in a friendly and engaging way that makes everyone feel involved and that their contribution is valuable.
Most recently Lisa has helped us with our team development – we have two new members of staff and we are now distributed across Wigan, Leeds and Newcastle so we’re not all in the same place very often. Using the Belbin team technique Lisa got us to think about the way we work individually and as part of the team, to consider what  we’re good at and less good at and how that makes the team tick – absolutely invaluable as a way of integrating the team, making the new people feel part of the whole and of building a sense of shared purpose. We would certainly recommend Lisa to other organisations and teams – she gets what we do!”