Evening all.

kodak playNew toy. (I LOVE the tripod)

Well I’ve been self-employed for approximately a week now and I thought I share a few thoughts with you.

I’m really pleased to be moving from my current web host with the help of the marvellous @myweeklybook and @rand0m. As I daily see the words ‘login failed’ on my business webmail interface, I can’t tell you how excited I am. Lisa and Andy have been brilliant.

I’ve bought a kodak pl@y and tripod to see if I can use if for recording people doing presentation skills or train the trainer training. I’ve been having a play this afternoon. I did think that perhaps I could record a bit of me talking to you as part of this post. Clearly not. I gurn whilst turning the thing on. I also wasn’t sure about the sound on playback but I’ve just played a clip back on my laptop and actually the sound is really good. I wanted something that was like the (now defunct) flip camera. Which was small and not particularly intimidating when you point it at someone… Although my filming leaves a lot to be desired…

I have a new business bank account which apparently comes with a strangely large cheque book. Perhaps to make sure the name of the business fits in? (I went for the Co-op in the end, not only because of their ethical banking but it’s the only account that I understood fully what was going to happen after 18 months.)

This month, as well as giving a presentation for Aslib, I’ll be writing new courses. Presentation skills and Train the trainer I’ve mentioned, but I’m also going to be preparing a course on Mad skillz at the Reference desk. (perhaps with a more professional title. Or not, as the case may be).

I also want to reflect on last year. Everything was a little manic, particularly towards the end and I feel I’ve not had chance to reflect on all the training I provided last year and how to improve it for this year. So there might be a need for a bit of naval gazing. Instead of rushing headlong in to everything.

Oh and I just thought I’d tell you. I love being self-employed. I could do with some paying work 😉 but I LOVE IT. Almost as much  my new tripod.

  1. rheyden

    Great post, Lisa, and welcome to the wonderful world of freelance. I’ve been at it now for awhile and wouldn’t have it any other way. Saw that you were following my blog, which led me to yours, and I’m enjoying your posts.
    I too was a huge Flip video camera fan (still have mine and hope it will hang on). It’s a total mysterious to me why CIsco didn’t continue to support them. So are you just recording video with your digital camera on that spiffy tripod?

    • Thank you. At the moment just recording video with it and really only just starting to do that. Got to you via Jane Hart and the top 10 technology challenge. Thought it would be really interesting (allbeit in a lurking fashion and not doing it for myself!) to see what tech tools you all come up with.

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