This is a quick activity that I’ve used in large groups when they were sat around circular tables with about six people at each table.

Change game

Change your seat. Go and sit with someone you don’t know. Share your experiences with your new group


  • How did it feel to be asked to change seats?
  • Did you see changing seats as a chance to sit with someone new or as something you were uncomfortable with doing?
  • What are some things that make people resistant to change?
  • Write your thoughts on your flipchart paper and choose 1 thing to share with rest of the group.

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I used this as part ice-breaker (the group was from lots of different libraries) and part demonstration of how people feel about change and about how even small changes can make you feel uncomfortable. Or at least ‘put out’. Quite nice as when I’m going through the feedback, I can ask how the group felt about me. Making them move. Raises a chuckle. I can tell that not everyone thinks nice thoughts about me, when I do this. It gets participants to starting thinking about why they didn’t want to move, why the general reaction is ‘Really? But I don’t want to.’ Then they can think about how, if they felt like this about a such small change, how do they react when it’s something large or life-altering.