Wordle: Lisa Jeskins Training Feedback

Over a glass of wine or two last night, I was chatting with my friends Gil and Louise about how it was all going with the business and what work I had coming in. We got to talking about my website and I mentioned that I wanted to improve my tagline but I couldn’t think of an exciting way to do it. Then Gil suggested putting all of my feedback into a wordle and choosing the words that came up most often.

I thought this was just genius. On loads of levels. I wanted to see what a wordle of my feedback looked like. I assumed that ‘enthusiastic’ would be the top word. (Cos, you know, I really am) It turns out that Lisa is the top word – which I suppose I could have predicted with hindsight, and I should have deleted it before I created the wordle. However I was really pleased to see that the most frequently used words in my feedback are engaging, knowledgeable and excellent. Now I just have to turn them into a tagline…

What do you think?

Lisa Jeskins Training: engaging and excellent.

No? Too Bill and Ted? 😉

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