Are you getting in your own way? Would you like help reaching your potential?

Coaching could be the answer. I create a supportive and encouraging environment, where you will have space to think and explore different options to help you decide on the direction you want to go in, become more confident or decide what your career development path should be. Coaching is about asking great questions to allow people to find their own solutions.

Find out more about what coaching is and my pathway into coaching by reading my Becoming a coach blog post.

Client feedback

“After attending a ‘Shine Brighter’ workshop co-facilitated by Lisa, I decided it was time to tackle ‘Imposter Syndrome’ which has blighted my life and career. I undertook 3 one-to-one Coaching Sessions with Lisa to try to overcome the limitations I set on myself due to lack of confidence. Lisa asked simple yet powerful questions that helped me to reframe my thinking and sort the reality from baseless fears. I felt challenged, but in a supportive and manageable way; Lisa helped me confront and discard unhelpful thought patterns, not just intellectually, but emotionally too. By setting me ‘homework’ I felt her presence even outside of the sessions, and I was amazed at the genuine and long-lasting progress I made in just 3 sessions with her. Lisa is smart, funny, engaging, empathic and committed to helping others find better ways forward. I will undoubtedly seek her Coaching support in the future.”
Julie Woodman (Reproduced with permission from the coachee)

“The coaching experience was really beneficial. The process was really clear from the start and I understood what to expect from Lisa as a coach. The coaching relationship has helped me in a number of ways. One of the areas which I wanted to develop was my general confidence in professional situations, specifically around presentations. Lisa helped me to identify why I lack confidence and helped me to realise what may be causing nerves during these situations. I realised that my nerves really stem from how I view my audience and my confidence in my own abilities as a presenter. Lisa helped me to identify traits in other professionals whom I admire and asked me to consider how I might learn from them. Since completing our coaching, I have signed up to speak at a conference for library and information professionals. The topic will be on careers for our profession and I think this is a great way to gain more experience. I would not have signed up prior to my coaching experience with Lisa but it is something I always wanted to do.”
Library and Knowledge Service Manager. NHS Trust. (Reproduced with permission from the coachee)

Qualification and ethical practice

I have an ILM 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring. I am a member of the European Coaching and Mentoring Council (EMCC) and subscribe to EMCC’s Code of Ethics (see