This weeks vlog is a book review and I decided to try writing down what I was going to say and reading it. (Or mostly reading it).

Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen:

It’s recorded on my iPhone again but this time I’m not sitting on my office chair which swivels. This worked quite nicely as it meant that I wasn’t wildly swinging round and round like I was last time. I was holding my notepad, so it meant that I didn’t fiddle with my hair or neck either.

I found this quite difficult. It doesn’t feel very natural to me and I think I stumbled over my words a lot more. I’d not learnt it but I’d practiced reading it aloud three or four times. I also think I need to learn how to sign off more effectively.  As I come to the end, I suddenly remember I’m talking to camera and feel really uncomfortable. It’s almost like I can’t bear to finish talking and even though I had written an ending, I carried on talking nonetheless after this had finished, even though I didn’t have anything left to say.

I’m not totally happy with this and think I need more practice if I’m going to use scripts or notes. More practice in getting used to reading from a script to camera and perhaps more actual performance practice before starting to record. I think it might help too if if I wasn’t reading my scraggy notes with lots of crossings outs and arrows to bits all over the page.

I wonder if practicing is defeating the object of vlogging and it’s immediate nature? Or if, as with presentations, practice time will get shorter with more experience?

I was talking with Louise about this last week and we likened it to when you’ve not much experience of giving presentations. Interestingly I was always a bit naff at the end then too. I’d practice the start until it was really strong but then tail off towards the end. Ned would have words with me.

So in short, more practice and remember to write a strong ending that’s more authentic. In other words something that I am comfortable saying and feels more like me.

Oh. And I’ve got to stop gurning. Too much eye expression. Stop it Jeskins.

(There are links to a couple of Ned’s blog posts below on how to improve your presentations/training.)

Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen:

Ned Potter: